SITECSupplies a whole range of petroleum products

Presently the delivery is across four countries - Mali, Ivory Coast, Gabon and the Republic of Congo

About UsOur Environment

We employ sustainable and environment-friendly practices, and in all ethos of fairness, serve our customers in the best way possible.

We have an incredible team of drivers who are highly trained in the delivery and supply of petroleum products and will take all the necessary precautions to ensure timely delivery and they are constantly monitored so there will be no mistakes or detours along the path.

Over the past 10 years, we have been developing and maintaining meaningful relationships with our customers by maintaining the quality and quantity of the petroleum products. Though we started with the delivery and supply of petroleum products, we have expanded to other products, mainly food-based products like sugar milk, rice, etc. Expanding these product lines are also in the works, and soon we will be importing and exporting more products.

What we can OfferWhat we can Offer

We transport and distribute hydrocarbon using the latest technologies in the market, and embrace sustainable methods so as not to leave a carbon footprint during loading, transportation and delivery.

01Timely Delivery

We are very strict about punctuality and timely delivery. Our entire value chain is designed to meet this goal, and we focus on faster deliveries with improved efficiency.

02High quality products

When it comes to quality, there is no compromise whatsoever. We take particular care to maintain the quality of the products that we supply and deliver. We have a strict quality check team that will ensure the quality of the products is always at par with what our customers need.

03Fully monitored vehicles

To ensure that our supply happens on time, and our vehicles are always in their prime condition, we have fully monitored vehicles integrated with sophisticated technology so we can track them every second of the delivery process.

04Competitive Pricing

At SITEC, we are proud of our reputation, especially when it comes to fair pricing, and this means we provide high quality products at competitive rates and the value that we have been able to provide has been really impressive with fair and transparent pricing.

02Five star service

We promise five-star service to all our customers and continue to strive to better our performance by using cutting edge technology in the delivery and supply value chain, excellent monitoring systems for vehicles and tailor the deliveries to suit customer interests. We regularly collect feedback from our customers based on the reviews, and we have been able to provide better and better service each year.

03Expansion plans in the works

Though we started with the transport and supply of petroleum products, we grew and expanded to the import and export of goods like food, sugar, rice, milk and other food products. And more expansion plans are in the works.


PROCESSOur Petroleum Products & food products reach all the major industries in these four countries

We serve various industry verticals

The aim is to provide quick, fast and precision oriented, monitored delivery through highly competent drivers who deliver the products on time. All the products are delivered in safe condition with no compromise on quality or any delay in timing.

Oil derrick industrial machine for drilling at the sunset. Vector illustration.




Food Preparation

Construction Work

Civil Engineering and Related Trades

Mining Industry


Ministry of Defence

National and Local Government

We are here for youOn Our Team

We have knowledgeable experts in petroleum products and food products and this has enabled us to make huge progress in the delivery and supply chain.

Our continued commitment to quality and safety have brought us a steady stream of customers regularly, and we are growing and expanding to more countries, and including more services in our slew of offerings.

We are also working towards increasing our fleet, so soon we will have more trucks to deliver more goods. Our strong commitment and penchant for timely delivery of high quality products has enabled us to grow. We have excellent and strong partnerships with banks, financial institutions and supplier credit card companies.