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OUR SERVICESPetroleum Products

SITEC delivers a range of petroleum products and will tailor it to your unique requirements. We embrace all safety precautions in the packaging and delivery of petroleum products And we do nationwide delivery to different countries. Presently we serve in four countries – Mali, Ivory Coast, Gabon and the Republic of Congo. The delivery will be a same-day delivery or a two-day delivery depending on where the delivery is to be made.

We make no compromise in quality and perform continuous quality checks to ensure the products are pure and as specified.

We take great pride in delivering the highest levels of customer services and have an excellent customer service team to handle all the queries.

We offer flexible payment terms to ensure that our rates are the best and competitive too.

Emergency delivery services

We also have emergency oil delivery services if you want to receive the delivery in just a few hours.

Contact us today to speak with our product delivery advisors to know more about our oil delivery services.


Food Product Delivery

SITEC has entered the food product delivery market as well, and has created a huge revolution in the way the products are delivered. They are creating milestones when compared to the global counterparts. Food Product delivery is an entirely different ballgame, and we follow all mandatory rules and precautions that are needed in the food product delivery business.

Our customer base is growing steadily and the food products are delivered in the trucks specifically designated for them. These trucks are also integrated with smart tracking systems and other monitoring systems so the drivers will be able to deliver the products using the shortest and fastest routes. This would help maintain the quality and the standards with which our customers need them.

The main food products that we deliver presently are rice, sugar and milk. We will soon be adding more food products to this list soon. We follow all the food softy rules and safe food delivery rules to ensure our customers get the products safe, clean, intact and in a hygienic manner. The food products are maintained at safe temperatures so the quality will be perfect even after hours. The products are handled with care, using safety wear, gloves, head covers and other hygiene precautions that should be maintained while handling food products.